What is Silver Clay?


All courses include...

An information pack, silver clay to complete a number of pieces to take home an the day and light refreshments (but not lunch)


Silver Clay is a versatile material allowing you to design and create stunning, contemporary pieces. You can knead it, roll it  and shape it in any way you wish (just like modelling clay you used as a child). It is a fascinating material that gives you incredible creative freedom. It is simple to start making beautiful, unique jewellery with little or no experience and  with simple tools.

With experience it is possible to add Sterling Silver, stones and glass to your pieces before firing.

Firing is simple and can be done with a kiln, torch or even on a gas stove. Once fired the piece becomes Fine Silver



Type of course and cost

Course Content




Approx. 3 hours



This course includes all the basic skills including shaping, texturing, drying, firing and finishing. You will be able to create a number of pieces  or a set similar to the one shown on this page



One Day


Approx. 6 hours


As above but with greater scope for creativity, a larger amount of clay and the opportunity to learn alternative finishes such as using  Liver of Sulphur for an antiqued look